Take a Walk in Nature

Take a Walk in Nature

When you think of going for a walk in nature, you think I am going to talk about exercising, right?  Wrong!

Going for a walk outside is more than just exercise.  There are other ways that you profit from being outside and walking in the nature setting.

Just being in nature has its benefits.  According to studies, it can improve your cognitive function by just going outside and walking around.  If you talk a long walk in a forest, you can improve your memory and attention.  That is huge for those of us who are starting to feel that our memory is not so good anymore!

It also has been found that being outside can improve your immune function and decrease concentrations of adrenaline and cortisol in your body.

Walking also increases your breathing, helping you to absorb more oxygen, which also assists your brain functions.   If you are in clean air, not in the middle of the city, this will invigorate you.   If you do live in the city, try walking when the smog and ignitions are at the lowest point.

Akildia for Diabetic FeetIf you suffer from diabetes, make sure that you take good care of your feet.  When going outside for a walk, take precautions so that you do not cause any tissue damage.  Use a good foot care cream that helps protect your feet.

Also, wear sunscreen any time you are going outside. This will protect your skin from being damaged by the sun and help to prevent skin cancer.

By walking outside in nature, you can help to reduce your waist, increase your self-confidence, reduce the risk of illness, reduce stress and a whole lot more!

Did you think that just going outside and taking a walk in nature could give you all of these benefits?  Isn’t it great to realize that you can go outside and gain from the experience!

Karla Buzzell


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Chill Out!

Chill Out!

Sometimes this can be difficult.  Not just the heat is causing you to warm up, but the hustle, bustle of back to school and the change of seasons from summer into fall can be very stressful. I know for me, the transition always seems to bring its own set of problems. If you are up tight and feeling all stressed out, what can you do to chill out?

Take a bath in Epsom salts.  I know, I know, this sounds really old fashioned.  But, sometimes old is good!  In this case, although the bath will be warm, you will be able to chill out! This surely is what I need.

Epsom salts are rich in magnesium, the 4th most abundant mineral in the body and a natural muscle relaxant, says Mark Hyman, M.D., the founder of the UltraWellness Center and the author of The Blood Sugar Solution.

Magnesium also seems to have a soothing effect on the nervous system– studies indicate that the mineral can help lower anxiety and improve sleep.  Hyman’s formula: Put 10 drops of lavender oil, (also known to promote a state of calm) in 2 cups of Epsom salts. Add to warm water and soak in it for 20 minutes. Body Melting Balm

As an extra bonus, when you finish, apply some body cream for hydration and protection of your skin.  If you are lucky, you may have someone who would give you a massage.

Can you believe that all it takes to chill out is a warm bath?   This sounds very appealing to me.  I think I am going to head in to the tub and chill out!

Karla Buzzell


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How To Prevent Chafing During Sports

How To Prevent Chafing During Sports

You need to take care of yourself to prevent chafing during sports or other activities, especially in the summer.  If you live in a hot climate, you don’t have to be running a marathon to cause chafing.  Even short runs can produce a large amount to perspiration and chafing can result.

Cause of Chafing:

Chafing is the result of repeated motion – especially, skin rubbing against skin or the friction caused by contact with fabric against the skin.  Chafing often happens along the bra line (women), nipples (men), inner thighs, feet and under the arms. Dampness, from sweat or rain, can make chafing worse.  It can also be caused by a bra that does not fit correctly.

Prevention of Chafing:

Remember, you want to prevent chafing!  Before runs or when you are going to be outside working up a sweat, spread a thin layer of Sports Nok Anti-Chafing Cream on vulnerable areas.

Choose your clothing carefully.  Wear the correct attire made of synthetic materials such as CoolMax that wick moisture away.  Although we used to be told to wear cotton in the heat, don’t!  Once cotton clothing gets wet, it stays wet.  Also, cotton is a rough against the skin.  If it is rubbing against your skin, it can wear your skin raw.  That is not what you want! You want to prevent chafing.

For women, make sure you’re wearing a synthetic sports bra with smooth seams.  For men, wear a shirt that fits tight to your skin.  A cotton shirt rubbing against your nipples can cause them to become very sore and even cause them to bleed.

Sports StopSweating of your feet can also cause chafing.  To prevent chafing, use a special foot antiperspirant, like Sports Stop.  This is a powerful gel that can cure sweaty feet and prevent foot odor.  It is very valuable in sport or exercise situations to avoid over-heating of the soles.  It can help you to prevent chafing of your feet.  It is dangerous to completely stop the secretion of sweat. The problem is excess perspiration. Sports Stop controls and regulates, so you will perspire less preventing bad odor and protects from microbe and fungal attack.

If you’re going on a long distance race such as a marathon, you should realize that chafing Sports Nokis very possible, even though you have never experienced it before. Make sure and use Sports Nok or another lubricant. Start using Sports Nok 20 days before an event.  Apply it to the areas prone to chafing (feet, under arms, groin area, bra area, etc). Wear appropriate clothes and gear that you have already worn. Don’t get a new bra or shoes just for this race!  You want your apparel to be broke in to help to prevent chafing!

Proper hydration is very important to prevent chafing and over heating.  Make sure you follow the proper steps to stay hydrated during your runs.

Since chafing can be caused by loose clothing, wear running clothes that are snug.  Some runners prefer to wear spandex bike shorts to prevent chafing between their legs.  Although this sounds hot, it is much better.  As already mentioned, a tight fitting synthetic shirt is also helpful to prevent chafing.

Treatment for Chafing:

If you have a bit of chafing after all your efforts, just put A+D ointment on the chafed areas– it should clear up in about a day.  Hopefully you have taken the correct preventative measures, so that you have not rubbed yourself raw. The key word is prevent! You want to prevent chafing.  And now, have a good run!

Karla Buzzell


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How Important is Blog Content?

How important is  blog content?

Do you try really hard to make it good?  I know that I do. Sometimes I feel I spent way too much time on each post.

Well, I got a comment the other day saying “……you are an overly professional blogger.” Now that made me think that I am probably writing more that necessary on each blog.

I know that I read some blogs that I cringe and want to edit, but that is just my perfectionism surfacing.

Anyway, what this post is all about is………………

I am going to do shorter posts most of the time from now on. If you miss the long posts, let me know.  I probably will write one once in a while.  Let me know what you really want to hear about and I will try and write about it!

In the meantime, instead of spending a lot of time reading a long post, go and check out the website.   http://www.Beauty-fromheadtotoe.com

We sell quality skincare products for your face, hands, hair, feet, body, slimming treatments and sports and exercise care,  all that can help you look your best from head to toe!

Would you believe I was going to make links to each category?  See, that is how much time I spend worrying about doing things correctly!  I decided that you could click on the site and find your way to the different areas on your own.

Karla Buzzell


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A New Trend—Tie Dye

A New Trend—Tie Dye

What do you think about the resurgence of tie-dye? Can you believe it? This is a real flashback! I had thought that tie dye died!

My granddaughter, who is 10, showed up at my house one day in a bright tie dye shirt and tights with pictures of peace signs.  She thought she was pretty cool. I tried to explain how it wasn’t too cool, but she did not care.  She said she looked like a hippy.  I think that she got that from her dad, because I know her mom would never think that! But then again, I am not sure her mom would remember tie dye!

You don’t have to dress in the old fashioned t-shirts like my granddaughter does.  You don’t have to stop at a roadside booth to purchase one. There are some nice looking tie dye fashions available.  Just be careful how you present!

Courtesy of Trends4ever.comDreamgirls star Jennifer Hudson was caught wearing a funky dress that the Daily Mail in the UK criticized.   Yet Make-up and hair stylist Beenish Parvez was portrayed in the Tribune in a very neat pair of palazzo pants.

The newer look can be in mellower shades, filmy fabrics and modern shapes, making it more graceful that bold. It is available in fashionable dresses, palazzo pants, silk pants and even clutches and belts.  In the June 2013 edition of RealSimple magazine, on page 34, they show a scarf and a pair of pants that I found kind of cool.

If you check out Pinterest, you will find a wide variety of things, from clothing to home design. Tie dye is in.  Some is bold and old fashioned looking, while much of it is graceful and gorgeous.

There were even pictures of nails and hair done in tie dye appearance!  I will stick to my French manicure, and naturally highlighted hair.

You be the judge.  Do you want to wear or display tie dye?  There are fashions out there that won’t date you.  As for me, I am still not convinced that this fashion trend will hang around for long.  But enjoy it while it’s here.  

Karla Buzzell


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6 Tips on How to Choose Skincare Products

6 Tips on How to Choose Skincare Products

The best anti-aging regimen will not take years off your face after only a few treatments.

Yet knowing how to choose skincare products to replenish, regenerate and restore Heliabrine Woman AntiAgingskin and using them on a regular basis can lead to a smoother, softer, and more vibrant complexion. Watch your skin become visibly firmer, softer and more radiant by using these wonderful products.

With all of the anti-aging products on the shelves of stores and online in the many websites, and all of the claims to erase lines, diminish wrinkles, plump up sagging skin and repair damage, how can you make a decision about what to use? Here are a 6 tips to help you make informed choices on how to choose skincare products to get the maximize results.

Read Ingredient Lists   Even if the front of the box brags about ingredients, read the fine print to see just where on the list the ingredient is. The order of the ingredient list is what is important. The farther down the list, the less formula it contains.

Simpler is Better  Products with a plethora of ingredients generally is not the way to go. Simpler formulas probably contain greater amounts of active ingredients than those with more of them.

Heliabrine productsDon’t Dismiss Natural Ingredients  Sometimes when we see natural ingredients in a product, we have a tendency to think that they are not as powerful. This simply is not true. Many products that contain only natural ingredients are powerful and most effective.

Use as Directed   If a little is good, more is not generally better. Active ingredients can be harmful to you skin if you use more than recommended. When you apply too much or too often, this can lead to all kinds of problems, such as irritation, clogged pores, and blotchy skin.

Be Loyal   Using too many different products can confuse your skin. Different lines of products carry different ingredients which may counteract against one another. This can cause the products to be less effective and can cause irritation. You can use more than one product, like anti-wrinkle serum, wrinkle filler, and eye treatment, but keep it in the same brand. That way you know that they were made to work in synergy with, not against one another.

Be Patience   Very few products yield immediate results, but most work best given time. Try using the same regimen of products consistently for at least 2-4 weeks before giving the verdict. Many researchers run trials for 6-8 weeks.

With time, you can change how your skin appears.

Knowing how to choose skincare products and using them consistently will make a huge difference.

Karla Buzzell



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Looking Good Is Easy. It’s All About The Presentation

Looking good can be easy.  It’s all about the presentation.  Have you ever wondered how the other half lives?  What those in the know wear?  How they always seem to be looking good?

The other day I was looking at a magazine that came in my newspaper. It was a local publication, that highlighted distinguished women of the community.  It talked about how their style in fashion and in decorating was very similar.  In their photos they were looking good.

That made me stop and think.  I started to compare some of the people I know. I am not sure that this theory hold true for everyone!  I know women who dress very faddish, yet their homes are very traditional. The same holds true for some whose fashion is very modern, yet their home is country style.  Their are those who dress meticulously and their homes are a mess!  I guess for the sake of the highlighted women, the theory held true. But for most, not so much.  Yet the ladies I compared all see to be looking good, at least when they present themselves to the public!

In the article, each lady had a page showing her personal style, from dresses, jewelry, shoes and other miscellany. These presentations were fabulous. Now, I understand and appreciate jewelry is expensive and is an investment. I too own some pretty expensive jewelry. But the rest of the section blew me away. One portrayed a pair of high heeled shoes. The cost–$695.00! (I have NEVER owned a pair of shoes that cost much over $100, and they were running shoes.) Another showed a slip, costing $165.  To wear under something else and never to be seen?   How is that helping her to be looking good? The dress on her page cost $115.  Interestedly enough, none of the women showed a dress that cost as much as the shoes. Dresses shown were as low as $79.00.  The lady who had the eclectic taste, seemed to have the most inexpensive wardrobe. She purchased some of her stuff at Target. Yet she and her page were very classy. She was really looking good.

It all goes to show that regardless of what you spend on yourself, it is all in the way that you show yourself that counts. Whether it is in a $699 pair of shoes, or a $79 dress, you can look chic. Looking good is not in what your style is or how much money you spend, it’s in how you present.

Karla Buzzell


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5 Makeup Rules Debunked

5 Makeup Rules Debunked


There are makeup rules that we hear all the time.  Sometimes it is hard to keep track of them….wear primer, use a brush, don’t wear powder, do wear powder, what color concealer should you use?  Are you trying to find answers to all of these? Here are 5 makeup rules that you can forget:

1. You have to use a primer

Until recently, I had never heard of a primer. Now there is face and eye shadow primers. I think that when they were introduced, the industry promoted them big time, so that people would purchase them. No, you don’t have to use them. This is an extra step , but with that said, facial primer can help save time in the morning because it helps your foundation go on smoothly and fast. Eye primer can help make shadows easier to blend. If this does not give you good results or minimize imperfections, then skip this step.

2. A foundation brush is a must

No so, says Makeup Artist Troy Surratt. “Your fingers work just as well.” The pros often use a brush with their clients, because they don’t want to have to touch them, fingers have their own advantages. The warmth from the hands makes the makeup melt into the skin. Also, you can feel when the makeup is on gliding on, a sign for you to add a dab more.

3. Base should go all over

You might need full coverage, but you don’t want to make your face look like you are wearing a mask. Because the most discoloration is around your nose and the bottom of your chin, start in the middle of your face and spread outward. You will need the least coverage around your hairline.

4. Powder is a no-no

You now have permission to use a powder, as in mineral makeup, if that is what you like. Just stick to the smooth areas of your face and stay away from fine lines, like on your forehead or hear your eyes.  One problem—if you have large pores, powder will settle in them and show up the pores, so it is best to not use it there.

5. Concealer should be light

The color is not worth worrying about. Today some have a peachy cast to correct bluish and gray circles. Some have a pinkish hue to brighten. Some are yellowish to cover red. Just make sure yours looks real when blended into your skin. You don’t want to have raccoon eyes.

I hope this helps you to bust the makeup rules that are so confusing. Mostly, you need to use common sense and do what works the best for you. If you look great, you will feel great, and people will enjoy being around you.

Karla Buzzell


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5 Steps To Brighter Eyes

5 Steps To Brighter Eyes

Have you wondered why some woman always have brighter eyes?  You can have them too. Regardless if they are caused by lack of sleep or age, chances are you want a bit of help in looking more wide awake.  These 5 steps from celebrity makeup artist Troy Surratt will help your eyes become sparkling.

1.) Create an oil-free zone

Oil can make your mascara smear, including oil from makeup remover.  When you use a  Balancing Cleansing Milkwipe or cotton swab at night, it can get on your lashes and stay there.  If you don’t wash your face in the morning, it will still be there.  Don’t apply eye cream too close to your lashline.  I can’t say it enough—wash your face in the morning.   This will clear away any residue.  Use eye serum in the morning that will not interfere with your makeup.

2.) Dab, pat and set

Most concealers today come with their own applicators.  They also have built in light diffusers, which will soften the look of lines.  Once you have brushed or dabbed it on, pat to eliminate any stroke marks and set your makeup.

3.) Go solo

Often eye shadow comes in a container with 2 or 3 colors.  If you don’t know what to do, only use one.  This can be really effective at brightening your eyes.  Apply from the lashline to the crease, or if very light, to the brow-bone.  A color like champagne will help your lashes stand out.

4.) Lighten up

Harsh liner and dark colors often close up the eye.  Use a lighter shade like taupe or brown.  You can also use eye shadow powder and an eyeliner brush to go over the pencil to diffuse the line.  This has the added benefit of helping to set the liner for all day.  If you don’t want to use pencil, just use the powder and brush it create the line.

5.) Create fringe benefits

Start by curling your eye lashes.  Then apply mascara on both upper and lower lashes. “When you capitalize on every lash, they appear as little lines radiating away from the eye (like sunbeams) and create the optical illusion that the eye is bigger,” says Surratt.

These anti-aging tips for your eyes will will have you too looking younger and brighter.   It takes little effort to look your best and have brighter eyes.  These are easy steps that don’t take a lot of skill, just knowing what and how to do it.

Karla Buzzell


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Anti-aging Makeup

Anti-aging Makeup

At one time makeup was used to flush your cheeks and add a colored hue to your lips.  In our new age, it does much more.  From hydrating your skin, making wrinkles get smaller, and diminishing lip lines, the new anti-aging makeup vows to give skin benefits over time, so that you can look better even when you are not wearing it!

Are you skeptical?  So was I, until I did research on the use of these products.  Among my research I found that Good Housekeeping and Real Simple magazines do ongoing testing of products, sometimes up to a year of time.  They confirm that many of the products out there do as they say they will do!  And most of them are products that you can go to your local drug store or department store and purchase for a small amount.

Many of the cosmetic products have anti-aging ingredients like peptides and hydraluronic acid.  Even makeup without skin care benefits can help you turn back the clock.

Here are 3 ways that makeup will knock off years:

1. Perfecting your skin

Concealers and foundations will disguise age spots, spider veins and fine lines. By using these two products, your skin will look smoother and fresher.

2. Define your features

Over the years, your lashes and brows become sparser and the edges of lips thinner. ecrinal-eyelash-strengthenerMascara, eyeliner, brow pencil and lip liner all sharpen your features so that they stand out instead of disappearing. You can also use lash gel to treat your lashes.

3. Brightening

Because of lack of skin collagen and dryness, your skin can start to look sallow.  Lipstick, blush and eye shadow enlivens your face and gives it color.

With these anti-aging makeup tips, you can take the appearance of years off of your face. Just make sure that you don’t just depend on your makeup, but have a good anti-aging skin care routine that you faithfully follow each day. These products will have the ingredients that you need to do the long term work on your skin.

Karla Buzzell


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